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Information // Art and FTD

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We often hear anecdotal stories of people who develop an interest and aptitude for art subsequent to the onset of frontotemporal dementia.Several  people with FTD have provided examples of their art work.  We hope you find it of interest.

Dick Lingham

In 1992 Lyn Lingham noticed that her 57 year old husband Dick, when driving, did nothing to avoid oncoming cars; in company he told embarrassing stories. He was diagnosed with fronto-temporal dementia. Whilst empathy, tact and memory slip away, a glorious ability for painting has emerged.

In 2011, Dick is amongst few patients who are known to have lived for so long post diagnosis. He still paints and attends a weekly art class which he enjoys.

Dick's long term survival is of interest to researchers invoved in the underrstanding of fronto temporal dementia. 

For more informationand newspaper coverage of story, google the following words...independant dick lingham picks disease

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Andrew Webber



John Pooley

'John started going to Art Therapy 2 years ago and once he’d got going, he started having art classes. It really makes him concentrate and he loves it (having done nothing like it before).'



Pauline Bradley

Pauline loves art and crafts and it has been a life saver for her.   She is very accomplished and has had her tree exhibited at a local gallery. She has FTLD with cortico basal degeneration and suffers from speech problems and can exhibit quite childish behaviour.  She attends an art lesson on a one to one basis once a week for 2 hours which is wonderful for her.