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Our Newsletters are published quarterly. We can send you notification of a new release by subscribing to our Email notifictaion system.

The newsletters are in PDF format so you can read them on the web or download them directly to you printer.

If you would like to contribute, please contact Penelope.


January 2011
Blue badge scheme explained
Brain donation
GP Confidentiality issue
Annual Seminar details

April 2011
Carers? required for research project
?Jogging Johns Memory?
Queens Medal Award
Putney High School for Girls raising funds for PDSG
A message from Carole Jennings

July 2011
Selina Wray summarizes her Annual Seminar presentation.
Juliette Anderson explains how a social networking site provided an essential means of support.
Gillian Gubb describes the experience of dementia in the form of a poem.
Beverly Schofield describes her husbands? difficult journey to diagnosis.
Putney High School for Girls Present Cheque.

October 2011
Jan Welsh gives her perspective on caring and coping!
Carers Direct
End of Life Issues
Raising Awareness Focus Group
Dr Phillip Fletcher New Research Fellow at DRC
Robert Plant joins fund raising memorial concert

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